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A Child Free Weekend.

Words parents often only dream of speaking: “a child free weekend.” For most it’s a far off dream, one that can only be reached in the depths of blissful sleep. (And let’s be real, how often does that happen with kids??)

So, how on earth did I manage to wing a whole weekend without the kids?! I’ll tell you. It started on Friday morning, I was still itching like a cat with fleas all over my hands and feet, and so I rang DAU (the Day Assessment Unit) at the hospital as advised by my midwife. They then booked me to go in at 3.30pm for repeat bloods to test for Obstetric Choleostasis and would also do a routine monitoring of bump. Brilliant I thought.

Not so brilliant actually…I hadn’t accounted for the 3pm school pick up, and getting across town battling through the traffic of 3 high schools and at least 5 primary schools in the same line. Ah shit… and then, Lightbulb moment! I rang Nanny to see if she would be able to pick Lily up, and thank the heavens she was free! The conversation started off as “can you pick lily up after school please?” then to, “can you take her back to yours?” which finally resulted in, “I’ll give her dinner and if she needs to stay she can…we’ll do that, she can stay tonight.” So Child #1 was all set!

Now, how about William? Well, my mum took us up to the hospital as Martin couldn’t get out of work. Both of us came prepared with snacks and toys to keep William occupied whilst the tests were being done. My mum said she’d brought some biscuits with her – I assumed she’d brought like 4 or 5…I turned around and she whipped out a WHOLE PACKET of rich tea biscuits! (and people wonder where I get it from!) So we were well and truly set! I went down for my blood test, which was the least painful one I’ve ever had, the nurse(is that what you call them?) was brilliant. Then we trundled back upstairs to DAU where I was placed on their monitor whilst we waited for the results.

William was content with a toy car and biscuits up to his ears. The midwives came in and checked on me a couple of times, one of whom was a school friend of my sisters, so we had a quick natter which was nice! Once I was finished on the monitor, it was pretty cool to see the charts – I’m getting regular tightening’s, but they are still just slightly uncomfortable, not painful or anything…My bloods came back normal and I was prescribed piriton to ease the itchiness.

So after all that, we went back to mums and she offered to have William overnight. I wasn’t about to turn down a night off from both kids! I welcomed the offer with open arms and we celebrated with Pizza! I’ll admit it wasn’t quite a child-free weekend, I spent Saturday over at my mums so I wasn’t home alone doing nothing. We got the baby photos out of all of us which was really fun! I was feeling pretty uncomfortable on Saturday, and I thought it might’ve been the start of things to come, so mum offered to have William again, just in case Saturday night was the night, and I explained to Nanny about feeling uncomfortable too and she was more than happy to have Lily again.

Nothing happened. 

Typically. Two prime nights for Baby #3 to make an appearance and he didn’t…which only makes me worry he’s going to be a sod and come at the most inopportune moment now! But on the upside, I had two pretty awesome lay ins and no worries! Back to reality tonight though.

So I essentially scored a child free weekend with the prospect of having a baby who never came. I guess I’m slightly happy about this as it meant I could recuperate & get some sleep before the madness happens – but it also means that Baby is late and I’m still pregnant. I guess you really can’t have your cake and eat it too! (But we can try!)

Becky x

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