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Hello November.

Hello November.

This isn’t really a post of any relevance, it’s more of a “I’m still here and getting back into the swing of it” kinda post, so please bear with me 🙂

So hello November! You’ve come around far too quickly for my liking, and you’ve also brought the winter weather with you. I’ve even had to fish out my thermals! We’ve had a rollercoaster ride in October. Early October dragged whilst we waited for Rubeon, but It was soon a bit of a whirlwind when he actually did enter the world. We spent the first two weeks of his life in hospital, but we were eventually allowed home, 2 days before Lily’s birthday. Being the ever organised person I am (not) I’d arranged for Lily to have a home birthday party on her birthday…yep, I had one full day to get all the food/party games & prizes/banners & balloons/Lily’s actual presents ready and to tidy the house up. I really wouldn’t advise leaving it so late like this, lesson learned here! (In my defence Rubeon should have been here in September & I hadn’t anticipated a hospital stay!) Thankfully I have unbelievably amazing family who all pitched in and helped me to miraculously pull it off. Shortly after it was then halloween and bonfire night where the kids had a few late nights which, mixed with a new family member; dark nights and the clocks going back made for some very tired little people!

I’ve also come to the realisation that Christmas is now only 47 days away and I haven’t even thought of what to get anyone…how many of you have started shopping? (how many of you are finished shopping?!) I wanted to be a bit more prepared this year, but that’s completely out of the window now, so you’ll most likely find me frantically wrapping presents at 11pm on Christmas Eve (or still buying them, that’s possible too.)

With so much happening and a newborn & toddler to contend with I’ve neglected all aspects of my blog/social media – which I am now hoping to start catching back up on and spam you all with hundreds of baby and family photos! I’ll also try to backtrack what’s been going on, can’t guarantee it’ll be in order anymore though…

So hello again, I’m still here and I can’t wait to start logging the family adventures again!

Becky x



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