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Lily’s 7th Birthday.

(I know, Lily’s birthday was in October…I’m catching up!)


Usually, I’m all prepared for Lily’s birthday party, but this year I was in deep water…

Now, had Rubeon come on his due date and not had the complications we encountered, the party would’ve been a breeze! (Likewise if I had thought about it and organised it a bit earlier that could’ve also helped…) as it was, Rubeon and I got out of hospital on Wednesday which left me Wednesday night and Thursday to get my shit together and sort out her party!

Luckily it was only 10 kids at our home (I say luckily…) and I had all hands on deck, including my mum and sister! Between us we managed to tidy the house up, cook the food, buy the party bags/banners/balloons/cake/presents (nothing says last minute like buying and wrapping presents the day before!) and buying game prizes.

I had planned to cook the food, wrap Lily’s presents and wrap pass the parcel the night before – but Rubeon had other plans…so thankfully I sent the food to my mums to be cooked there and I got Lily’s presents wrapped – I left pass the parcel for the morning, it was almost midnight and I was past it by then.


On the morning of Lily’s birthday, it started out lovely and relaxed, we had breakfast and watched Lily open her presents from us (that I wrapped the night before) and a few others from family. Then came the reality that I still hadn’t set up for the party, bring on the stress! I think thats the only word that would describe me. Unbelievably stressed. Without everyone’s help I think I’d still be trying to set it all up! With a newborn attached to the boob what feels like 24/7, it was making things a little tricky, so favourite aunty to the rescue who was able to take Rubeon and settle him whilst we continued to get things sorted.
With all the worry of getting the house ready and the food sorted, I had only really thought of 3 games to play…the good old favourites: musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel. The party was only 2 hours long, and we’d finished the first two games twice over in half an hour…shit…my sister then got the kids to play sleeping lions (which is brilliant if you want 5 minutes silence!! Highly recommend this one!)


Once we’d exhausted these games we moved onto food as there was a flurry of “I’m hungry!” floating around the room. By this point Rubeon was hungry (again) so I left the party in the hands of my mum and sister, and shortly after all the little tummies were fed and watered and I could hear “what are we doing now?/ what games are we gonna play now?” Echoing through the kitchen door.
Unfortunately the garden was too wet to go out in, I had hoped it would’ve dried up in time! Instead a few more rounds of sleeping lions was played (they really liked this one?!) and then pass the parcel came out.
Somehow, Lily managed to win this (it wasn’t rigged honestly!) and the prize was a colouring book and pencils. When Rubeon finally finished feeding I rejoined the party to see half of the kids colouring in the book and the other half huddled around the computer picking songs and watching YouTube videos…


And with 20 minutes to go, that’s how we left them for the rest of the party! Just as parents were turning up my sister ran up to me and announced we hadn’t done the cake! Whoops! So just before all the kids left we hurriedly lit the candles and sang happy birthday!

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and letting Lily enjoy her new presents.

Next year will hopefully be easier…Perhaps we’ll hire somewhere that caters for everything and all we have to do is turn up! (Or I could be more organised…hahaha yeah right!)

Becky x



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