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Christmas Lights Switch On.

As Christmas gets ever closer, wherever you look there’s Christmas decorations and trees being put up, presents being wrapped (unless you’re like me and completely behind and haven’t even started yet) and festive music being played everywhere you go.

The one thing that really drums the countdown to Christmas for me is the annual Christmas Lights turn on in town. Nothing says Christmas is coming like the whole town gathering to see someone press a button to make the town centre light up! I thought I’d missed it this year, but luckily Martin had a customer talking about it to him and he called me to get the kids ready and wrapped up to go into town and see them. (I was ironing at the time too, perfectly timed phone call! – anything to get out of housework!)

I had my mum, dad and nephew round too, so we all decided to go together and meet martin after work. We did encounter a slight hiccup, being that Rubeons car seat was in our car…which was with martin…Mum and I decided we’d walk with Rubeon and Ethan in the double pushchair (William wanted to go in the car!) Just as we set off down the road, up pulled martin! He had also realised our predicament and came home to pick us up!

From all the kerfuffle of getting the kids wrapped up and working out what to do with no car seat, by the time we got to town we thought we’d miss the switch on (which really wouldn’t have surprised me…) but we made it and headed towards the market place where the crowd was gathered. Dotted about we’re little stalls with toys and paraphernalia for kids. Naturally, the kids saw glowing, spinning lights and were drawn to them, so they all got one.

My mum hadn’t realised the ones she picked for the boys played music…something tells me it might just lose its batteries soon, there’s only so many times I can listen to Jingle Bells.

We didn’t actually see the person who turned the lights on as the crowd was quite large and it seemed more hassle to barge through with a double pushchair than it was worth, so we stood close enough to the edge to hear the countdown (which Lily and I thoroughly enjoyed shouting along with!)

As the countdown finished the lights switched on and to everyone’s surprise a firework and confetti were let off! (They made a lot of people jump!) After that we joined the hordes of people starting to make their way back into the town centre to look at all the lights. Once we had a wander around, (which William slept the whole way round for!) we headed home and ended the day with a McDonald’s, yum yum. I love the switch on, I love getting all wrapped up and spending time with my family!

The light switch on also marks the beginning of late night shopping on Thursdays, which means there’s only 4 Thursdays left before Christmas is here!! I better get my skates on and really get sorted out now. Plus next weekend is the first weekend of December, who’s joining me in putting up their decorations?! (Suppose I should find them too…hah.)

Becky x


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