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Rubeons First Swim

I’m not the most confident swimmer, I can do it (not properly, I don’t like putting my face underwater) but I can float and get by which is good enough for me. My kids on the other hand LOVE the water. I enrolled Lily into swimming lessons last year and she’s come on leaps and bounds since she started!

My sister and I decided to take the boys to our local swimming pool for a splash about. William has always been a waterbaby like his sister, and it was Rubeons first ever time in a swimming pool! I’m not too sure why, but I had high hopes that this would be a fun and successful trip out. (Possibly too high for an 8 week old…) It was definitely fun, but not quite so successful on his behalf.

We arrived at the swimming pool and changed into our swimming gear (much to Rubeons dislike! I think the whole pool heard his protesting!) William was rearing to go bless him! I definitely couldn’t (and wouldn’t) take both of them on my own, so I was grateful my sister was there. Once we got to the poolside we blew up a baby floating ring for Rubeon, and put Williams floaties vest on. Rubeon was still protesting, but I put it down to being a bit chilly, so we stepped into the pool and sat on the steps. We lasted a whole 5 minutes in the pool before the wailing got too persistent and I spent the next half an hour feeding him on the poolside. Hopefully next time Rubeon won’t be so hungry and we can try again!

William had a whale of a time, he was even trying to actually swim! Holding onto his aunties hands, he was kicking his legs and splashing his arms! I was so surprised because we hadn’t taught him or shown him how to do it before, and seeing how much he and Lily enjoy swimming I’m going to try and make more of an effort to get them into the pool more often. (Hopefully anyway!)

How was your first experience of swimming with your little ones?

Becky x


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