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2018, it’s here already. It doesn’t feel like a moment ago we were saying farewell to 2016 and celebrating going into 2017! And yet here we are…

I have a lot to be thankful for in 2017, the biggest is welcoming our newest addition Rubeon to the family! We had a bit of a tough time in the early days, but he’s excelling now and we’re so proud of how far he’s come already! Only last week he started to grab at toys and hold onto them. He’s so full of smiles and loves to chat to you!

With all that went on with Rubeon, (namely his late entrance into the world & his hydrocephalus diagnosis) This year brought me even closer to my family on both sides. I’ve relied heavily on the help from both my mum and mum-in-law to help with the kids, and this has really strengthened the kids relationships with them too! It hasn’t been a walk in the park these past few months, but I’m glad I can ask for the help when I need it. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me and the family when I’ve needed it.

2017 also brought us the early start of the terrible twos with William. In 28 days he will be a fully fledged 2 year old, I still can’t quite believe 2 years have passed already – but I am also quite ready for the temper tantrums to move along! I’m hoping an early arrival of them will mean they will go sooner too (or is that wishful thinking??) William has thrived throughout the year, with learning a few signs to help us understand what he’s saying, alongside learning actual words (“car”, “choo choo”, “oh dear”, “papa”, “yeah”, “no”, “baba”, “sausage”, “ag[egg], “joos”[juice] to name a few!) I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re having full conversations! It’s obviously been a year of firsts for him, from learning to walk just before his first birthday, to having his first barbers haircut! Not to mention the transition to a big boy bed! He’s such a fun and happy little boy , I’m excited to see what 2018 will become of him!

Throughout everything, Lily has been the biggest star going. Nothing has been too much to ask of her, she’s done exactly as we’ve asked of her without a fuss and she’s grown into such a beautiful and wonderful young girl. It’s sometimes a little easy to get engrossed with sorting out the boys that she is put on the back burner as it were, and I’ll hold my hands up and say I haven’t given as much of my attention to Lily as I should have, but now that the dust has settled and we’re finding our rhythm as a family of 5, I’ll be sure to change this and get some mummy/daughter time in!

This year also saw Lily get a pair of glasses, which thankfully she was super excited to get! They really suit her, and somehow with them on, she’s gone from being our little girl to a mature and sophisticated 7 year old! With them on she just looks so much more grown up. As always she’s a superstar with the boys, acting as mini mother-hen to them and being a massive help to me. Whether that’s grabbing a nappy or entertaining them for a few minutes whilst I nip to the loo, nothing is too big a job for her.

I decided I didn’t want to sit around on the last day of the year, so Martin and I arranged to meet up with his brother and family at a local cafe for breakfast (lunch really…) and head off to Sandringham for a run around with the kids. Of course once we got there we realised no one had picked Lily’s coat or wellies up!Luckily there was a shop on site which sold wellies, as for the coat we offered our own coats and sent her running!

It was really quite busy at Sandringham, the car parks were full and people were everywhere, which was really lovely to see! We let the kids run off in the park, including the boys – I ended up swapping out with Martin with looking after William as he didn’t seem to have the fear factor at all and just bounded off climbing everything he could which made my heart race! We finished up with all the kids having a few turns on the zip wire and then headed back home for a much needed bath!

We celebrated the new year at Martins aunties house. It was a lovely chilled evening – just what was needed after a manic Christmas period! In the living room there were people chatting away, and a table surrounded by everyone else playing cards. Naturally you’d find me in the kitchen (closest to the food!) The kids were happy running in and out, playing with little cars and balloons. Around 9.30pm we let off a firework in the back garden, which William hated, but it was a brilliant little show and the older kids had some sparklers afterwards too.

By 10pm William had had enough, he stood by the front door longingly. I asked him if he wanted to go home to bed, and his reply was “yeah yeah!” And off he toddled into the living room where he started saying bye to everyone! Once home he went straight to bed with a bottle of milk and that was it, he was sparked out! I must admit he did bloody well to last that long, he hadn’t napped all day and we had a pretty busy day!

Rubeon on the other hand was still awake until 11.55pm (typical!!) On the one hand I was quite grateful he had such a long feed as it meant we both slept for longer (3.5hrs this time!) but of course he missed out on the new year by 5 minutes – not that he would have known any different at 11 weeks old…I did worry that the fireworks would wake him, but he was out for the count in those 5 minutes, so I sat on the end of my bed and watched all the fireworks going on outside my house!

On New Year’s Day we gathered around Martins mums for New Year’s Day dinner, the perfect way to start the year.

I hope to fill 2018 with many more great memories, and perhaps get myself a bit more organised! (I know, I make myself laugh too.) How was your New Years?

Becky x

(Feature Photo by Elisha Terada on Unsplash)

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