Rubeon at Three Months.


Well little man, here we are at three months old. It doesn’t seem like yesterday I was waiting (impatiently) for your arrival. I had planned to do this monthly, but naturally I didn’t get round to it, so I’ll squash the first three months into one post.

Current weight: 18lb 1oz

Current length: 71cm

I am unbelievably proud of how far you’ve come in the past three months. From being told you wouldn’t lead “a normal life” you are proving that doctor wrong and everyday you amaze us. Since day one you’ve been a chatterbox, cooing and making all kinds of sounds, and you are only getting louder! – you found your smile early on and now you’re almost laughing when we tickle and play with you. You save your best chuckle for Lily, you love your big sister playing with you so very much! (We don’t know how she gets you to laugh and smile so much! It’s so lovely to see!)

Last week you made me such a proud mummy by grabbing for a toy for the first time. I was worried your eyesight wasn’t quite there as you hadn’t quite grasped following objects or toys, but when you grabbed the toy I knew things would be okay and you’re trying. You can now follow and focus! You love playing with your taggsy, and anything that squeaks or rattles makes you grin from ear to ear! And by the looks of things, you’re trying to roll onto your side too!

You know voices so well. Whether it’s me or daddy, nanny or meema (grandma) you know who it is – and you know when there’s a voice you haven’t recognised before because you stare wide eyed at the person talking!

Daddy thinks you have the best sneezes ever, they’re so loud and you make the “at-chooo” really clearly.

We took you and William to meet your new cousin Loïc, and decided to compare you altogether. Considering there is only 6 weeks between the two of you, there’s a huge difference in size! Something tells me you’re going to be a tall boy…We also tried to get a photo of all your cousins and you together at Christmas time, this proved more difficult than we thought it would be as William didn’t fancy playing ball. You were happy enough sitting in a box though!

In the early days of being home, you had me under the pretence that you had made a nightly routine for feeds. This was actually bliss as I knew roughly how much sleep I could expect and how often you’d wake. It started off as bedtime at 11pm, and waking up at 2am and 5am, so I knew I’d get three stints of 3 hours sleep (give or take) but then something changed and we lost this routine. Before I knew it we were getting up 4-5 times a night! Tired is an understatement. You also slept without your eyes half open,we spent half the time trying to guess if you were awake or not. You still do it, but not as often and your eyes aren’t left as wide open as they used to be. You’re learning that going in your sleeping bag and being fed upstairs in the semi-dark room is bedtime, and from then onwards is a bit of a gamble on how many times we get up in the night! We’re still going strong with breastfeeding too which I’m super proud of both of us for! Although you are the windiest baby I’ve met. If it’s not coming out the top end, it’s the bottom, and you find it hilarious to trump on us.

Now you’re in your big-boy cot, as you fast outgrew the Moses basket (sob.) it took you a night or two to get used to it, but now you go down peacefully. (Thank you!) You like to sleep with a muslin next to your face, I think because it smells of me, I have to make sure it’s under your head and arms though, otherwise you put it over your face!

Before Christmas we had weekly visits from our health visitor who came to measure your head circumference, to make sure it wasn’t growing or shrinking too rapidly after having your shunt put in. Thankfully it’s only been fluctuating between 47-49cm now (that is taking into account that the measuring will never be 100% accurate each week as the tape measure isn’t always in the exact same place.) Now we have fortnightly visits, and that will soon go down to monthly until your neurologist deems it no longer necessary.

You gave us a bit of a scare recently, with your eyes rolling downward – a bit like how your eyes move during R.E.M. Sleep. After two trips to the local hospital and one to addenbrookes, the doctors are happy it’s nothing to do with your shunt or hydrocephalus. A referral to opthamology was made so we will be waiting to hear from them. On top of this you’ve started teething. No visible signs of teeth yet, but the dribbling has started and you love to gnaw on whatever will fit in your mouth! I hope for both our sakes they come through quickly!

You’re our little fighter, and we love you so very much. Keep on defying the odds and show the world what a beautiful being you are.

Mummy xxx

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