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My ‘not so little’ boy turned two!

I know it’s often said that time goes by quickly and your kids aren’t little for long, but it takes on a whole new meaning when it’s your little ones who are doing the growing up!

Yesterday, William turned two years old. It just doesn’t seem possible that 731 days have passed, and yet when you put it like that it doesn’t seem long at all. But here we are!

These past two years have been a steep learning curve for me, I never truly appreciated what being a mum to a baby/toddler involved (I skipped that part with Lily!) It has taught me a lot about who I am and it has most certainly tested my patience, but it’s been one of the best experiences of my life and I’m so thankful and grateful for my little family.

William was one of the happiest babies I’ve known, if he cried we knew it was for a reason; teething, poorly, windy etc. As he got older and started to understand more, the whinge crept in and before I knew it, we were having tantrums over being told “no” or because he couldn’t have chocolate for breakfast (I feel quite hypocritical there…but don’t tell the kids!)

For Williams birthday this year I organised a house gathering again, the same as what I organised for his first birthday. It was easier than having to try and organise a party elsewhere or deal with hiring out entertainment or a hall etc. I much preferred being able to be relaxed in the home where disasters could be kept to a minimum! Plus it was only family who were coming as William isn’t at nursery yet so his friendship circle consists primarily of his cousins. I did however take him to our local soft play centre Planet Zoom with his cousins which was also another lovely day out!

I am pleased to say that the whinging was kept to a minimal yesterday! – although there was a mini fiasco with regards to a whole packet of chocolate buttons being taken off him so he would eat a hot dog. Naturally the response to this is to wail and throw yourself on the ground: or at least, for William this is a natural response.

Apart from that one mini tantrum, William was good as gold! He shared his toys exceptionally well (for him! He’s not usually one to share) Martin and I bought him a “my first drumkit” set. It was cheap and cheerful, and William loves it. (Even after I said last year I wouldn’t buy loud/musical toys – I’ve bought two this year! Talk about being a glutton for punishment!) along with the drum kit, I bought a second hand keyboard with a microphone (what the bloody hell have I done, I’m an idiot.) To be honest, I didn’t want to spend hundreds on toys or presents as we’ve only just had Christmas, and to be perfectly honest, I can’t justify paying full price for a toy that someone else is selling in great condition for half the price…

With so much happening yesterday, we didn’t get around to opening any of his presents from everyone else, so once Lily came home from school and William was woken up from his nap we cracked on! (Lily wassuper excited to see what he got – but more so excited to help open the presents!) This morning we did manage to open one present from us, which was a really cute pair of new shoes, as bad mummy over here hadn’t bought a new pair in a while and Williams tootsies had grown! So a new set were definitely in order.

We popped into Tesco yesterday to grab the last bits and pieces for the birthday party in the afternoon, and William chose his birthday cake. I had planned to make one, but time got away from me and I didn’t get around to doing it, so William picked a minion cake!

At home, I cooked up hotdogs and burgers, – or at least I did the first batch. It’s a lot harder to be a host when you’ve got a baby attached to your boob constantly. Thankfully Martin was ace and helped out with the cooking (along with my sisters and mum who were actually guests! -100 points to me this year for terrible hosting skills! Blame the baby!) the kids charged about the living room and kitchen, and amazingly they played and shared all the toys! (All of them!! I was shocked! Even the drum kit – which ended up being pulled to pieces and I had a drum in every room almost.)

But overall, William seemed to enjoy himself which was the main thing. And honestly, it was just wonderful to have all of the family round together.

So what did William receive this year?

  • New shoes
  • A drum kit
  • A keyboard
  • In the night garden books
  • Tellytubbies plate/cup/bowl set
  • Pyjamas
  • A hooded shirt
  • A toy motorbike
  • Bing! Socks
  • Jogging bottoms, hoody & top
  • And £145! (This kids bank account is more full than mine!)

Thank you to everyone who wished a happy birthday, or bought a card or a present for William. He has been thoroughly spoiled once again! I’m excited to see what will become of the year of being two.

Becky x

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