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Giving up the bottle.

Have you ever started something and wondered how on earth you were gonna stop doing it? This was my predicament I had with William and his bedtime bottle.

Around 4 months old when I stopped breastfeeding, I really started cracking down on his bedtime routine, which included putting him in a sleeping bag and giving a bottle of milk in our darkened bedroom.

This worked really well, and once we started weaning onto foods he still kept at the bedtime bottle. Before I knew it, “let’s do bot bot, nun-nights” was the key to getting William upstairs and into bed! Even after a full plate of dinner and dessert, somehow he still had room for a 9oz bottle.

I often thought, “how will I stop the bedtime bottle?!” “Should he still have a bedtime bottle at nearly 2 years old?” And for a long time I didn’t have the answer, so I continued doing it. I’m a firm believer that your child will tell you when they are ready to stop or start doing something.

And so, at the beginning of January, William gave up his bedtime bottle of his own accord. I was putting his pyjamas on and I asked him, “William, would you like a bot bot tonight?” to which he shook his head and said no. So I didn’t make one, and he went to bed without any complaints. I repeated this the next night, and got the same answer. By the third night I just took him up without asking about the bottle and again no fuss. It was a lot less painful than I was expecting it to be and for that I’m extremely grateful. We’ve gone a whole month now without it! (But some nights he has gone up with a cup of juice!)

There have been times where I’ve worried that he’s gone to bed hungry, as some days if he hadn’t eaten all his dinner I knew he’d have a bottle before bed and that would see him through until morning, but now I suppose he’ll be learning that if he doesn’t eat his dinner he’ll have to wait until breakfast for a proper meal!

So there you are, how did I break the routine of a bedtime bottle? I asked if William wanted one!

Did your little one(s) have a bedtime bottle? How did you stop?

Becky x

4 thoughts on “Giving up the bottle.

  1. I honestly cannot remember stopping the bottle with my older two, Robin is almost two herself and is still a bottle mad milk machine so I can see her being the tougher cookie to deal with.. I think when they ask is best, same with potty training.. when they can communicate it’s always better than the tears and arguments x

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  2. Honestly I have found with a lot of things (potty training for one) that letting them do it in their own time is the easiest and least stressful. Who cares if he had a bottle for bed at 2? He was happy – bedtime was easier – now he’s over it and doesn’t need it and everyones happy #BloggerClubUK

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