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Lily’s First Weekend Away.

It’s been 10 months since Lily started beavers, and honestly I am so pleased she wanted to join! It’s been a fantastic learning experience for her already, and we’re not even a year in yet!

Being part of Beavers has allowed Lily to explore and try new activities she probably otherwise wouldn’t have, and it also gets her involved with other children and adults in a different environment to school or home life. Not only did she have her first independent sleepover (without family members present) she has just come home from a whole weekend away at an activity centre! It was definitely an experience not to be missed.

We (I) packed her bags ready together on Wednesday so she knew what she was actually taking, and to be honest she was most excited about being able to use her sleeping bag again. For me personally, even with a kit list, I worried I hadn’t packed her enough, and that what I had packed wasn’t going to keep her warm enough. Thankfully she was fine – and apparently I overpacked…better to have it and not need it though, and as the scouts say: “Be Prepared!”

Whilst putting Lily to bed on Thursday night, I was met with, “mummy I’m nervous and scared about tomorrow…” We had a good chat about the kinds of activities she would be doing, and luckily I’d bumped into a few of the leaders going on the trip earlier in the day who gave me some more insight and I was able to name a few other Beavers who were also going on the trip, which changed Lily’s attitude almost instantly!

On Friday, Lily had school and I took all her camp bags with me on the home time pick up, and we walked from school to the pick up point,(making us an hour early for the coach!) It was easier walking straight there as by the time we’d have walked home, it would’ve been time to head back out again, so we made use of the hour by grabbing a drink and a snack – and a last minute toilet trip!

We headed over to the coach, and all the previous nights nerves had disappeared and were replaced with excitement! So much so I had to call Lily back for a hug and kiss!

As the coach started to pull away, we all waved goodbye and it was at that moment I felt like crying a little bit! I’m used to Lily being away some weekends when she goes to her mums, but this was entirely different.

It was her first full weekend away without any family member, and she was going to be taking part in 6 activities she’d never done (some she’d never even heard of) before. My little girl is growing up, and this trip really highlighted that.

But To say I am proud of Lily is an understatement. Whilst she is a relatively reserved little girl when it comes to trying new things, from what I’ve gathered from this trip is that she gave everything a go and tried – even if she didn’t like it! They had an amazing array of activities planned, from fencing to climbing, to quad biking and raft building (which unfortunately was cancelled as the lake was a bit too frozen!) They also completes problem solving and a high ropes course.

if you’d have asked me last year about sending Lily on this kind of trip I would probably have just passed you off with a “there’s no way she’d do any of those activities!” And even after showing her back in November the website for the camp with all the type of activities they offered, she was game from the word go!

as I expected, Lily wasn’t much a fan of the climbing course and didn’t get very high up the wall but she still gave it a crack! Which was more than I anticipated for her. I actually thought she’d refuse to do it. But, my little beauty persevered and gave it a go.

She really loved the quad bikes and fencing though, but most of all she was over the moon to use her sleeping bag! (Honestly it’s the little things…)

Upon home time, Lily came bounding out of the coach with a massive grin and cuddle for me, and I could tell she was exhausted. Her little face was beaming but the bags under her eyes told me she’d been a busy little bee! And from getting off the bus to getting into the car, Lily had counted her yawns and we were up to 13 times already!

We ended the day with pizza at meemaa’s (grandmas) and a long, warm bubble bath. And once again my washing pile is sky high, but it’s totally worth it for Lily to have experiences like this!

Are your kids involved with any clubs?

Becky x


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