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A Snow Day.

Hello all, sorry it’s been a bit quiet over here! I had planned to get back on track this year and get into the swing of writing on here but it hasn’t happened.

Between hospital visits, a little monster permanently attached to my boobs and said monster not sleeping at night, I haven’t really had the enthusiasm to sit down and crack on! (And when I do get the urge to, you can guarantee it’s at a very in opportune moment.)

Anywho, I’m here now and that’s all that matters! Today was a little bit wonderful, we had a snow day for school, AND Martin had the day off! Family fun day in the snow! – well, it was more like “an hour of fun in the snow” before we called it quits and ran indoors to the nearest radiator to warm our purple hands on.

I was hoping for a snow day, and as I was awoken to a hungry baby at 6am this morning, I spent the next hour refreshing the emergency school closure website hoping for our school to appear on the ever increasing list. (I think about 430 schools/nurseries closed in Norfolk alone today!)

I needn’t have worried, the school text message service sent out “We are SHUT today!” 8 times, so the message definitely got through…I left Lily to sleep in and William and I watched Thomas the Tank Engine. (100% beats Bing.)

I had no idea what to put the kids in today to be honest. I made sure the kids had plenty of layers on, and all the to-do (hat/gloves/scarves & wellies etc) but even with all that – they were still like little walking ice cubes just after a short time outside. In their defence, daddy did have them rolling around in the snow (ok…he might’ve also tackled them there, but hey – soft landing!) We took a little trip up to the shop to grab some goodies for lunch, and along the way Lily was practising her snowball making skills and aim (at daddy…she’s a poor shot.) and Martin got me square in the face with one!

In our back garden we attempted to make a snowman, but it ended up looking like a glorified snowball. Neither Martin or I had any decent gloves, which made for our hands and fingers to get bitter cold in minutes and we soon gave into that idea, so we had the kids making snow angels instead!

By the time Lily came in she was almost in tears at how cold she was! We stripped her down and plonked her in a nice bath to warm her up again. After our snowy adventures, we all snuggled into our pyjamas and had a chilled out day at home. (No pun intended.) Lily is praying for a snow day tomorrow, but I can’t see it happening! [EDIT: after posting this, we did indeed have the next day off!]

In other news, I went to the gym last night and survived to tell the tale! I’ve wanted to start getting into shape and tone up for a while now, but having a c-section made that a little more difficult to do.

It was a really fun evening, I was able to leave the kids with Martin, even Rubeon, and thankfully he took a bottle! (Honestly, I am having mini party about this. William point blanked refused SO many bottles, for Rubeon to take the first one we try him on is just bliss.) I bought a breastpump so I could express instead of using formula, which I much prefer to do. When I had William, my intentions were to express for him too, but I’d never used an electric pump before and I freaked myself out thinking it would hurt so I didn’t use one, and hand expressing took forever. I know, I’m an idiot.

Anyway, back to the gym! I met my sister during the day for lunch, and she offered to take my gym clothes in the car with her and have William for a few hours whilst I took Lily swimming after school, and then she could pick me up afterwards and we could go straight there & pass William over to Martin. So we did. We ended up being 40 minutes early, which was fine, until we couldn’t find my bag.

As it turns out, the bag had accidentally been scooped up with Williams bits and bobs, so we made a dash for it back to my sisters house where I was able to borrow a pair of jogging bottoms. Now due to the weather, I’d been wearing my doc martens for warmth and tread, and I’d packed some trainers in my gym bag…but with no bag, meant I had no trainers. Guess who did the class barefoot…it wasn’t actually as awful as it sounds (i’ll admit I used it as a cop out for a few sets, but legitimately I couldn’t grip the floor!) To say I’m unfit is an understatement. I am DREADFULLY unfit. I could feel the workouts hitting me before we’d even left the building!

So hopefully I’ll be able to start making this a weekly thing and my mum-tum will be a bit less saggy, and clothes will fit a bit more nicely, AND I’ll be a healthier/fitter me! (One step at a time, let’s just make it to next week first!)

Did any of you get a snow day today?

Becky x


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