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Are you doing enough for your children?

How many times have you second guessed your parenting skills, or wondered whether that something you did, you perhaps shouldn’t have? I often sit here and think to myself; am I doing enough for my kids? I’d like to think so. We aren’t rich, and more often than not we spend a lot of weekends… Continue reading Are you doing enough for your children?

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General Update on the Family.

I realised the other day that the kids are growing at an exponential rate, and I haven’t really documented much on what they’ve been doing – which was the whole point of this blog! So, lets crack on with what’s been happening! Firstly, we have one more week left at school before we’re on half term… Continue reading General Update on the Family.


I don’t want to parent today.

From the obscene wake up calls, mixed in with the already interrupted sleep, I don’t want to parent today. I don’t want to roll out of my oh-so-warm bed to attend to the daily ongoings of being a parent, which starts with a very loud crying baby. I don’t want to make sandwiches for the lunches today,… Continue reading I don’t want to parent today.