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Baby Preferred 2 in 1 Bib & Sunshade: Review

“Baby Preferred is a company that is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their mission is to continue to create innovative, functional and affordable consumer baby products and baby carrier accessories that offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.” 


The 2 in 1 Bib and Sunshade is such a simple, yet innovative creation, designed to be strapped onto a baby harness. As parents we are always looking for ways to improve and simplify our lives, and keep ourselves and our little ones clean – which we all know is not an easy feat! With these bibs, all that could soon change.

What’s so great about them?

They boast a 6 layer protection, with Keep Shape Breathable Fabric to ensure comfort during those warm days. The material is 100% cotton muslin (100% organic,  plastic-free & hypoallergenic) and protects your baby from harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun! And…they’re a better substitute than your shirt for baby drool or other bodily fluid they may pass onto you.

Personally, I haven’t used the bibs for the purpose of attaching onto a baby harness as I don’t actually use one right now, instead I chose to use it for an actual bib on my son. So let’s get down to it!


Image 1: Package Arrival.


Image 2: Inside the insert.

Simple, yet effective. I love how they came in a size-appropriate resealable bag. The insert is cardboard (brilliant for recycling!) which, at first I thought with the green and brown colouring on made it look a bit dull and plain, but after understanding the product more, I actually really like the colour theme they’ve used. It really emphasises the natural properties of the product and brings the consumer to think more ‘down to earth -literally’ – a reminder of the organic side of the items!

All the information you need to know is visible either on the front or back of the cardboard insert – and even on the inside of it!

The labels are clear, and are available in 4 different languages (English, German, Spanish and Japanese) and the explanations on how to use the bibs are simple and easy to follow. Although I personally thought the font in image 2 could be slightly bigger.


Image 3: Design Patterns.

I love the grey and white colour blend, this makes them easily customisable to any outfit/harness and more to the point: gender neutral. This means they’re suitable for boys and girls!

There is no right or wrong way to attach the bibs, they are reversible! With poppers on each side, life has suddenly just become that little bit easier for you. One thing I did find with the poppers is that they popped in quite tight (which is a good thing! Babies like to pull!) but I worried I would pull them too hard and break it when undoing it. With more use I reckon they’ll give a little and won’t be so tough. – However, I can understand them being firm as they would typically be attached to your harness.

The bibs are 100% cotton muslin, and let me tell you they are so soft. Without reading that piece of information first, when I pulled them out of the packaging this was the first thing I noticed about them. If I used it on a harness as intended, I’d rather have my baby’s head laid against this super soft bib than say my jumper or harness itself!


The great part of these bibs is they are machine washable! Another little victory dance at not having to do a separate hand wash!

When it comes to washing, I always get worried that I’ll shrink things or accidentally put in colours that run with lighter coloured items. (Thankfully this wasn’t the case this time!)I put the bibs in with my white/light wash load on 30degrees, and they came out just as soft as when they went in (minus the Weetabix stains!) They retained their shape well too (thanks to their keep shape fabric!), no faffing about with having to pull them back into shape. – (I also air dried them rather than using my tumble dryer.)

How I used it.

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t use this as a sunshade or drool bib for a harness, instead I used it as a ‘proper’ bib for my son. Initially I wasn’t too sure I’d get along with it as it’s designed to be strapped round two individual straps – but I found that it would fit around his neck nicely, not too tight or restrictive.

I did think it looked a little bulky around the back of his neck, as I popped it in on both sides, but after a bit of a shuffle about, and tucking it under I was able to make it look more so how I wanted it to. I popped both sides because I thought it would look better and be one less thing for my son to pull on.

Image 4: Wearing it!

I also found that they were a decent size in length. As you can see in image 4, the bib covers his whole top from his neck to the table, meaning that his clothes are protected from any escaping food (and unwanted stains), which is inevitable really, but with products like these we can reduce the amount falling onto the clothes!

Overall Thoughts.

Overall, I think these are a great investment. I love the designs and colours used, and I can see myself using them again and again! With their softness and ease of cleaning, dinner time for us is going to be a lot cleaner. I really liked the packaging, it isn’t too ‘in your face’ and really reflects the natural properties of the product.

I’d love to try them out for their intended purpose – perhaps in a few weeks when Baby #3 arrives I’ll write a follow-up post with how they fare on a real harness!

Where can I buy them?

The 2 in 1 bib & sunshade is a product designed and made by Baby Preferred, but it is one of a growing catalog. They are currently retailing for $24.99. You can shop for these bibs over at,,, and soon to be in Europe and Mexico.

Nothing beats making your life a little easier, and these will do just that!

Becky x

Disclaimer: I was sent these bibs in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.


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