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Baby Preferred 2 in 1 Bib & Sunshade: Review

“Baby Preferred is a company that is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their mission is to continue to create innovative, functional and affordable consumer baby products and baby carrier accessories that offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.”  The 2 in 1 Bib and Sunshade is such a simple, yet innovative creation, designed to be… Continue reading Baby Preferred 2 in 1 Bib & Sunshade: Review

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Is the Fussy Eating Over?!

Could it be? Are we there? Is this really happening?? Breakfast has never been an issue. Porridge, Weetabix or toast and we’re good to go! However, for the past couple of months, I’ve been finding lunch and dinner time rather difficult for William, primarily because he’s been a little turd and decided he suddenly didn’t… Continue reading Is the Fussy Eating Over?!