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How I’m Coping With Three.

It’s been seven weeks since Rubeon was born( where has that gone!!!), two of which were spent in hospital. So in essence I’ve had five weeks of being at home with three kids. It’s only been these past two weeks however that I’ve really started to be a mum-of-three. Now that might sound a bit… Continue reading How I’m Coping With Three.

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Christmas Lights Switch On.

As Christmas gets ever closer, wherever you look there’s Christmas decorations and trees being put up, presents being wrapped (unless you’re like me and completely behind and haven’t even started yet) and festive music being played everywhere you go. The one thing that really drums the countdown to Christmas for me is the annual Christmas… Continue reading Christmas Lights Switch On.

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Lily’s 7th Birthday.

(I know, Lily’s birthday was in October…I’m catching up!) Usually, I’m all prepared for Lily’s birthday party, but this year I was in deep water… Now, had Rubeon come on his due date and not had the complications we encountered, the party would’ve been a breeze! (Likewise if I had thought about it and organised… Continue reading Lily’s 7th Birthday.