Pregnancy Update: Week 26.

Pregnancy Update26

The Baby

This week, Baby is pretty much the same weight as a red cabbage; about 1.7lb, and is over 35cm long! As with last week, his hearing is ever improving to the point where voices are becoming more distinct, so he should be able to tell daddy and I apart now! – and most likely Lily and William too.


Credit: Google Images


His lungs are developing more, with new airways branching out with alveoli at the end of them (little air sacs!) which will fill up with air when he takes his first breath, (which isn’t far off now!) His tastebuds are fully developed now too, along with his nostrils starting to open and his lips & mouth becoming more sensitive.


This week we’ve been away to Butlins, so it’s been go go go! Almost everyday I’ve been feeling my tummy expanding with a tightening feeling all across the bump, which hasn’t been the most comfortable feeling – in fact some days it made it a little bit harder to breathe, but it’s soon passed. It’s pretty exciting though, it’s all starting to hit home a lot more that the end is nearing. Although, I have a little bit of bump envy from my previous pregnancy…I had a much nicer, higher bump with William, I’m carrying quite low this time around, and it just doesn’t look as nice, but I’m giving him time to fill upwards!

The tiredness this week has been unreal. With such a busy week, late nights/early starts and constant alertness, I’m shatteroonied; I could sleep for a week right now! On the up side, we can get back into a routine now. (and I can join the kids with the 7pm bedtime!)
My eyes have definitely been opened this week to the reality of having three kids, and that it might not be the walk in the park I’d alluded myself into believing…But we’ll see!

As always, you can catch last weeks update here, or start from the beginning.

Becky x


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